U-Pick Blueberries!!!
Saturday July 31st, starting at 7 AM – 5 PM, or until the ripe berries are gone for the day. The Saturday July 31st picking looks to be good. Due to this being our 4th picking the berries may be more scattered and slightly smaller than the July 24th picking. However, you’ll find many big berries out there. Picking is on Saturdays only. We ask that you bring an ice cream pail to pick in. If you do not have one, we will provide a container with a food safe bag for you to pick into. The price is $1.50 per pound. When paying for your berries you can bring them into the Retail Shop or you can stop by one of the two white tents. The Retail shop accepts Credit/Debit Cards, Cash, Check, Senior Market or Farmers Market Vouchers. The tents accept all of the above forms of payment with the exception of Debit/Credit Cards. All Debit/Credit card sales must be done in the Retail Shop. The Retail Shop has many new exciting items this year! We hope to see you soon!

Updated Saturday July 24, 2021

Additional Information to help you plan your trip!

Thank you so incredibly much for your continued support and making us a family tradition. Whether this is your first visit or you have visited us many times, we can’t thank you enough for coming for a visit! 

During these unprecedented times, we have all had to adapt to many changes. Last year, there was a mask mandate. This year there is not one in place. Therefore, face coverings are not required and are optional. However, as a reminder, the CDC still recommends the use of face coverings and social distancing for people who have not received the vaccination. This is especially important for children ages 11 and under who are not vaccinated. Therefore, while visiting the retail shop and while picking, please attempt to socially distance as much as possible. 

Other Important Information!

Paying for your berries!

Last year due to COVID-19 we had to alter some of the ways we operated. This year we are returning to our standard practice of charging per pound. The price remains the same as the last many years, $1.50 per pound. 

Places to Pay for your Berries!

Upon paying for your berries you have three options. The retail shop is open as always to have your berries weighed and to purchase many of our popular items such as: Knutson Caramels, jams, salsas, or to peruse our many kitchen novelty items. When using Credit/Debit cards you must pay in the retail shop. We do ask that you attempt to socially distance yourself in the retail shop. Your other options are paying at our drive through tent stations. You will see one large white tent down in the valley and one large white tent in front of the house. We will be operating two drive through stations at a time in these tents. At the drive up tent stations you must pay with cash, check, WIC or Senior program checks. The tents will not have a credit/debit card option. 

Hand Washing Basin and Sanitizing stations!

Due to COVID-19, we have one hand washing basin with soap and water near the portable toilets. We encourage hand washing!  We also have hand sanitizer in the shop, by the portable toilets and in the tents. 

Extra Containers to Pick in!

To become more environmentally friendly we are eliminating our cardboard flats. If you do not have a container we will provide pails in the patch with food safe liners for you to pick in. When you get done picking your berries we’ll provide you with a twist tie for your berries and keep our pail to sanitize and use again.


No pets are allowed in the fields or retail shop due to new food and safety laws. Service animals are allowed in the fields and buildings. If you need to walk your pet please consider using our pet area located at the head of the nature trail. You can drive to it. Also, feel free to take them for a walk on the nature trails. We would appreciate your pet being leashed. If other accommodations are needed such as a shaded parking spot if you have your pet with, please let us know. We are animal lovers and so your pets having a great time is equally important to us. 

Updated: Wednesday July 7th, 2021

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